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World Languages & Technology Survey & Workshop

This project is funded by a grant from Asia Society/Longview Foundation.

Purpose: Assess current status of World Languages and integration of technology in Washington State

Timeframe: Spring-Fall 2004


  • Create an online survey and postcards to mail to schools to collect data on languages taught, at what levels they’re taught, for how long, and the role of technology (including accessibility)
  • Convene a workshop at the UW Language Learning Center to follow up on results and make recommendations for integrating technology in language learning K-20 (including heritage and English language learners)

Key Personnel:

  • Bridget Yaden, Assistant Professor of Spanish; Director, Language Resource Center at Pacific Lutheran University and WAFLT Board Member
  • Caleb Perkins, Supervisor for International Education and Social Studies, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Katy Armagost, Spanish Teacher and WAFLT Board Member
  • Lynn Klausenburger, Senior Program Manager, UW Educational Outreach, Coordinator of UW World Language Day and WAFLT Board Member
  • Michele Anciaux Aoki, International Communications Consultant (now Director of Educational Programs, World Affairs Council Seattle)
  • Paul Aoki, Director of Language Learning Center, University of Washington
  • Sonja Hokanson, President, Washington Association For Language Teaching (WAFLT)
  • David Woodward, Executive Director of Associates in Cultural Exchange

Status as of:  11/12/2004 | 9/3/2004 | 6/10/2004 | 5/10/2004 | 4/12/2004

Status as of 11/12/2004

  • A group from OSPI, WAFLT, UW, and the Coalition met in late October to review the data from the survey. Michele put together a summary report and Caleb put together a PowerPoint presentation for the P-20 International Education Summit on October 27. See: World Language Survey Report (PDF) and
    World Language Survey PowerPoint (PPT)
  • The group is planning another meeting to decide on next steps for the Survey (including possibly going back to schools to solicit greater participation, especially from some of the larger school districts.)

Status as of 9/3/2004

  • The survey data has been gathered and is currently being analyzed, with various queries being created. We are planning the follow-up workshop at the UW Language Learning Center later in September.

Status as of 6/10/2004

  • The survey was delivered via the OSPI website to all schools in mid-May. Due date is June 25.

Status as of 5/10/2004

  • The survey has been reviewed and approved by Supt. Terry Bergeson at OSPI. We plan to email it out by about mid-May to all schools in Washington.

Status as of 4/12/2004

  • The online survey has been drafted and undergone initial review by WAFLT (Washington Association For Language Teaching) and OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction). We are hoping to get final approval from Supt. Terry Bergeson in order to send the survey out to schools in Washington State in mid-May.

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