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School-wide Models for Infusing Global Connections

This project is funded by a grant from Longview Foundation.

Purpose: Share with educators across the state scalable models for engaging teachers and students in meaningful cross-cultural experiences using technology

Timeframe: Spring-Fall, 2005


  • Support the local iEARN team in developing a workshop for teachers, based on their “Passport to Global Learning NW,” which provides a scalable model for helping whole schools of students and teachers engage in global collaboration
  • Present the workshop at four regional conferences (for example, the OSPI Summer Institutes)
  • Disseminate the work further through collaboration with Coalition partners and through use of technology
  • Provide scholarship help for up to 5 teachers in schools with low socioeconomic status to join iEARN

Key Personnel:

  • Greg Tuke, Director, Passport for Global Learning NW, a project affiliated with iEARN
  • Kristi Rennebohm Franz, Senior Professional Development Advisor, Passport for Global Learning NW, a project affiliated with iEARN
  • Jennifer Geist, Spanish language teacher and developer of materials for elementary language programs

Status as of:  11/25/2005 | 7/26/2005 | 6/6/2005

Status as of 11/25/2005

  • "Passport to Global Learning NW" was presented at the OSPI Summer Institutes in August in Tacoma, Vancouver, and Spokane.
  • Complimentary memberships in iEARN were offered to several participating teachers.
  • This Project is now complete.

Status as of  7/26/2005

  • "Passport to Global Learning NW" was presented at the June OSPI Summer Institute in Wenatchee by Greg Tuke and Jennifer Geist.
  • Jennifer Geist has traveled to Senegal for the annual iEARN Conference in July.
  • The next presentations of "Passport to Global Learning NW" are scheduled for OSPI Summer Institutes in August in Tacoma, Vancouver, and Spokane.

Status as of  6/6/2005

  • "Passport to Global Learning NW" will be presented at OSPI Summer Institutes.

    The World as our classroom: how curricular connections globally build important learning success locally.

    For the first time in human history, the world can be our classroom. Teachers and students at all grade levels can now take virtually any classroom subject area and learn directly with teachers and students around the world. How? By using internet technology tools and already existing curricula as passports for connecting classrooms in Washington state to classrooms in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America. Learn how students become highly engaged in subject matter by communicating cross-culturally with global peers, stepping into someone else’s shoes to understand a topic and problem, and learning how to think critically and collaboratively about shared topics in today’s world. In this workshop you will discover how to find teachers in countries you want to reach, all around the world, who are ready to engage with you in learning projects that align with your curricular needs. Help your students form learning partnerships with students around the world that fuels a life-long desire to get to know the world in a much deeper, more thoughtful way.

    This workshop will launch your participation in a global community of teachers like you. Join the International Education and Resource network,, where international education isn’t an “add-on’ but rather a dynamic, turbo-charged “add-in” for student learning!”

    Greg Tuke  
    Director,  Passport to Global Learning NW 
    A project affiliated with iEARN
    (International Education & Resource Network)


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