International Education Washington

State Teacher of the Year International Ed Scholarship

This project is funded by a grant from Longview Foundation.

Purpose: Increase visibility of International Education by linking it to teaching success

Timeframe: Fall, 2005 (when Teacher of the Year for 2006 is announced)


  • Offer winner of Washington State Teacher of the Year Award an international education scholarship to expand their international experience
  • Coordinate efforts on publicity with Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Key Personnel:

  • Carolyn Tolas, Vice President, State Board of Education, member of 2003 State Team
  • Lili Hein, Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle, member of 2003 State Team

Status as of:  12/28/2006 | 3/31/2006 | 11/25/2005 | 9/27/2005 | 7/27/2005 | 6/6/2005

Status as of 12/28/2006

  • Susan Barnard used part of her International Education Scholarship to bring a group of students up to Seattle for an international learning experience on December 18, 2006. They sent lovely thank-you letters to the Coalition:

Status as of 3/31/2006

  • Coalition Representatives Michele Anciaux Aoki and Jennifer Geist were invited to the Governor's Mansion for the annual Teacher of the Year award ceremony. They presented a $1500 scholarship award to Susan Barnard, along with resources and information about international education.

Status as of 11/25/2005

  • The Coalition was recognized at the OSPI Press Conference on October 18 for the International Education Scholarship offered to the Teacher of the Year.
  • The new Teacher of the Year Susan Barnard of CHOICE High School in Shelton, WA.

Status as of 9/27/2005

  • The Coalition has been invited to the OSPI Press Conference on October 18 when the 2006 Teacher of the Year will be announced.

Status as of 7/27/2005

Status as of  6/6/2005

  • The 2005 Teacher of the Year, Tamara Steen, is planning to use her International Education Scholarship to attend an international conference in Guam this summer.

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