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This project is funded by a 2007 State Innovations grant from Longview Foundation.

Purpose: Grow network of grassroots support for the International Ed campaign and Expanding Chinese Language Capacity initiative and provide online support for topics important to the Coalition

Timeframe: Ongoing through December, 2007


  • Support the “Mapping and Enhancing Language Learning” project at the UW with technical assistance on web-based queries and present updates to policy makers in the fall of 2007. See:
  • Expand the web site for the “Expanding Chinese Language Capacity in Washington” initiative
  • Communicate regularly with the Coalition via Email Newsletters, Coalition Emails, and Advocacy Emails, as well as support new email lists as needed
  • Provide online information and registration forms for International Education events in the community

Key Personnel:

  • Aysha Haq, Project manager for the Coalition’s 2004 P-20 International Education Summit in Olympia
  • Caleb Perkins, Supervisor for International Education and Social Studies, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction; 2004 State Team Member
  • Michele Anciaux Aoki, Ph.D., International Education Consultant; 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 State Team Member; and Project Director for 2003, 2005, and 2007 State Innovations grants
  • Paul Aoki, Ph.D., Director of Language Learning Center, University of Washington and co-project director of the “Mapping and Enhancing Language Learning” project at UW

Status as of:  1/25/2008 | 11/27/2007 | 9/2/2007 5/7/2007

Status as of 1/25/2008

Current Levels of Subscriptions to the email lists:

Date News Coalition Advocacy Immersion Languages Chinese
1/24/2008 483 295 139 115 235 255
5/7/2007 366 282 124 115 228 146
12/28/2006 380 278 129 108 217 78
11/25/2005 321 242 98      
4/12/2004 264 179 59      
  • The MELL project launched a new School Profile page and produced a School Profile Report. See and
    MELL High School Profiles 2007 (PDF) (2 Mg). The project assistant also began contacting Elementary and Middle Schools to complete the MELL Survey.
  • Aysha Haq sent out a newsletter on: 12/21/2007. We also launched an Online Survey to gather feedback on the work of the Coalition.
  • The Coalition provided PR and registration support for the January 10 Creating Chinese Language Program workshop for North Thurston School District, which attracted about 25 people, and the February 2 Best Practices in Language and Content Instruction, which has over 65 people registered.

Status as of 11/27/2007

  • Work has continued on the MELL database redesign as well as a new database-driven web interface. Student workers have been gathering contact information in order to send out MELL surveys to elementary and middle schools this academic year. The UW Center for West European Studies featured an article about MELL in its Fall 2007 Newsletter (PDF) and has drafted a policy brief for legislators about the project.
  • The Expanding Chinese Language has added a Job Openings web page, which has been quite popular.
  • Aysha Haq sent out newsletters on: 10/04/2007 and 09/08/2007.
  • The Coalition provided PR and registration support for the November 17 iEARN workshop at the UW, which attracted over 30 teachers.

Status as of 9/2/2007

  • The MELL Project has been meeting this summer with a database designer to restructure the MELL Database to be able to track longitudinal data across years. A number of new queries off of the existing data have been developed and will be posted to the MELL website. Staff at the Jackson School of International Studies are working on preparing the policy brief highlighting what MELL can tell us.
  • The Expanding Chinese website is continuing to grow. We've added resources such as a list of useful web links.
  • The website has been moved to a new Internet host service and the email lists rebuilt.

Status as of 5/7/2007

  • The MELL Project is gathering data on high schools this spring, then plans to expand to middle schools. See:
  • Preparing new format for Coalition News emails through ConstantContact. Aysha Haq will be editor.

Current Levels of Subscriptions to the email lists:

Date News Coalition Advocacy Immersion Languages Chinese
5/7/2007 366 282 124 115 228 146
12/28/2006 380 278 129 108 217 78
5/20/2006 367 284 127 94 210 20
11/25/2005 321 242 98      
9/23/2005 303 221 96      
1/13/2005 305 214 91      
11/12/2004 296 205 88      
8/13/2004 285 188 68      
6/10/2004 274 184 63      
5/10/2004 272 182 62      
4/12/2004 264 179 59      


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