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Creating a Chinese Language Program: Resources

Resources for the Workshop on "Creating a Chinese Language Program."

The key resource for the program is the guide published by Asia Society:

"Creating a Chinese Language Program in Your School:
An Introductory Guide"


Outline of the Workshop and Links to Resources

  1. Understanding the Context: Why is everyone interested in learning Chinese these days?
  1. Understanding the Language: What do we need to know about Chinese?
    Creating a Chinese Language Program in Your School: An Introductory Guide
    (pages 10-12)
    Basic Facts about Learning Chinese (PPT by Adam Ross)
  1. Planning the Program: Where do we begin?
    An Introductory Guide (pages 16-19)
  1. Staffing the Program: Where are the teachers?
    An Introductory Guide (pages 22-24)
    Guest speakers:  
  2. Funding the Program: What does it cost?
    An Introductory Guide (pages 24-25)
  3. Choosing a Program Model: What are the choices?
    An Introductory Guide (pages 28-32)
  1. Planning for Instruction: What do we teach?
    An Introductory Guide (pages 34-36)
  1. Assessing Student Proficiency: How well can they learn?
    An Introductory Guide (pages 37-38)
  1. Sustaining Quality: How can we create an enduring program?
    An Introductory Guide (pages 42-44)
    • Alignment across grades and schools
    • Professional development for teachers
    • Partnering with Heritage Language Communities
    • Monitoring effectiveness over time

Interspersed throughout: what's currently happening in Seattle and Washington state to expand Chinese language opportunities?

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