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State Leadership in World Languages

This project is funded by a grant from Longview Foundation.

Purpose: Improve the articulation of world language programs K-16 in Washington state by giving teachers access to voluntary standards for World Language teaching

Timeframe: Spring-Fall, 2005


  • Work with OSPI, UW, and professional associations to review the National Standards for Foreign Language and model standards and frameworks from states such as New Jersey and Nebraska and recommend voluntary standards for Washington State
  • Provide links and resources to World Language teachers in Washington State via our Coalition website, OSPI website, and WAFLT website
  • Present the standards at state conferences, including the WAFLT (World Language) Conference, Social Studies Council Conference, and OSPI Conferences
  • Pursue policy development that would encourage districts to offer high school World Language credit for language proficiency regardless of whether students learned the language in school or out of school

Key Personnel:

  • Caleb Perkins, Supervisor for International Education and Social Studies, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Michele Anciaux Aoki, Consultant on Early Language and Immersion Language programs
  • Paul Aoki, Director of Language Learning Center, University of Washington
  • Bridget Yaden, Director of Language Learning Center, Pacific Lutheran University and President-Elect of Washington Association For Language Teaching (WAFLT)
  • David Woodward, Executive Director of Associates in Cultural Exchange

Status as of:  11/25/2005 | 8/9/2005 |  7/20/2005 | 6/6/2005

Status as of  11/25/2005

Status as of  8/9/2005

Status as of  7/20/2005

  • Met with representatives of Language Board at UW on 7/8/2005 to discuss opportunities for greater focus on Early Language Learning. Held second meeting at UW on 7/20/2005 to talk about including Early Language Learning in Title VI grant reauthorization proposal. Set up new listserv and web page for Early Language Learning. (See Meeting Notes 7/8/2005 and 7/20/2005.)
  • Met with representatives from UW on 6/15/2005 to discuss possible future for World Language Survey data to become part of a longitudinal study of what languages are taught where in the state. Explored possibility of UW taking leadership role in maintaining the longitudinal data and web interface. Set up new web page for World Language Profile Group and began drafting data reports, see: World Language State Profile *draft*.
  • Set up new web page for World Language Standards Group.

Status as of  6/6/2005

  • Initial meetings held at UW with Language Requirements Committee.
  • See links to World Languages Standards on this website for more information about National and State Standards.

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