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The Washington State Coalition for International Education has generally met several times a year. To learn more about the Coalition's projects and activities, review the meeting summaries below.


2009 Meetings

  • A meeting of the Coalition was held March 6, 2009 at Global Washington. Here was the agenda:
    • Highlights from the Council on Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) Global Competency Workgroup (Gilda Wheeler, Michele Anciaux Aoki, OSPI)
    • Update on Social Studies (Caleb Perkins, OSPI)
    • Global Inventory for High Schools (Katherine Barr, Global Washington)
    • Accomplishments from 2008 State Innovations grant projects
      (Michele Anciaux Aoki, Project Director)
    • Plans for 2009 State Innovations grant (Aysha Haq, Steering Committee Chair, Washington State Coalition for International Education)
    • Future of the Coalition (All)
  • A Steering Committee meeting was held March 2, 2009 at Global Washington to explore next steps for the Coalition and the mode of working with Global Washington to coordinate communications as well as plans for the 2009 State Innovations grant.

2007 Meetings

  • A brief meeting of the Steering Committee was held on September 26, 2007 attended by David Woodward, Michele Anciaux Aoki, Aysha Haq, and Greg Siegler. We discussed the status of the current State Innovations grant and explored the possibility of having the Coalition become a non-profit organization.

2006 Meeting Summaries

2005 Meetings

  • In 2005, the Coalition did not hold meetings separate from planning the various Coalition Projects and International Education Leadership Summit.

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2004 Meeting Summaries

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2003 Meeting Summaries

Links to summaries of meetings held by the State Team and Coalition:

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