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P-20 International Education Summit

This project is funded by a grant from Asia Society/Longview Foundation.

Purpose: Implement second major public engagement event; provide linkages to professional development; assess states’ needs in policy and economic areas with regard to International Ed § Stage one-day Summit in conjunction with NAFSA Regional Conference in Olympia, WA (the state capitol)

Timeframe: October 27, 2004


  • Include in-depth professional development workshops on International Ed for teachers of Social Studies and World Languages
  • Develop targeted communication piece for the public (parents, community, policymakers) to increase awareness of International Ed and inspire support for it
  • Involve community organizations and businesses in a Resource Fair to share resources and real-world perspectives with the education community
  • Hold Candidate Forum to allow candidates to share their perspectives on International Ed

Key Personnel:

  • Aysha Haq, Project Manager for 2004 P-20 International Education Summit
  • David LaForest, Director of Development, Associates in Cultural Exchange
  • David Woodward, Executive Director of Associates in Cultural Exchange
  • Loretta Ferguson, Special Ed Teacher and Intercultural Communications Consultant
  • Michele Anciaux Aoki, International Communications Consultant, 2002 and 2003 State Team Member and Project Director for 2003 P-20 International Education Summit (now Director of Educational Programs, World Affairs Council Seattle)

Status as of:  2/28/2005 | 11/12/2004 | 9/3/2004 | 8/13/2004 | 6/10/2004 | 5/10/2004 | 4/12/2004

Note: For regular updates, see Summit > 2004 > Planning.

Status as of 2/28/2005

Status as of 11/12/2004

  • The Summit was held on October 27, 2004 and attracted over 200 participants, including 35+ in the Resource Fair. Summit reports coming soon.
  • The Candidates Forum was not held due to the close timing before the election. However, we did invite candidates to attend.

Status as of 9/3/2004

  • Additional planning meetings were held in August. The schedule is just about set.
  • Resource Fair registration form is available and a number of organizations have already signed on.
  • Summit Flyer will be distributed to 1900 teachers through the Global Classroom Newsletter mailing by the World Affairs Council

Status as of 8/13/2004

Status as of 6/10/2004

Status as of 5/10/2004

  • Second planning session held on April 28. See: Planning Meeting 4/28/2004.
  • Masaru Kibukawa and Nancy Bacon have agreed to co-chair the committee to organized the Candidates' Forum.

Status as of 4/12/2004

  • Initial planning meetings held with NAFSA (Association of International Educators) to confirm their co-sponsorship of the event. See Planning Meeting 4/9/2004.

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